Residential Air Conditioning

Ecopac System

There are major benefits using the Ecopac System. Check out the benefits below:

•Greater flexibility in design, multiple units can be grouped to increase overall capacity up to 516kW nominal (4 x compressor setup)
•Simultaneous cooling and re-heating can be achieved resulting in greater humidity control
•Units can be manufactured to be either cooling only with re-heat or reverse cycle
•Buffalo Trident condensers utilise EC variable speed fan motors based upon 680rpm for quiet operation with the advantage of over speeding for extreme hot days
•Each unit is specifically engineered to the site, load requirements and sound levels
•External unit has self supporting galvanised base frame and the compressor enclosure is manufactured from Marine grade aluminium and Stainless steel
•Units are easily maintained and serviced via large access doors
•Matching AHU’s are designed either for external roof mounted or internal within plantroom
•Block evaporator coils maximise dehumidification for each stage when cooling
•AHU’s are manufactured from 75mm PIR fire resistant insulated panel
•Supply fans are fitted with a variable speed drive to improve electrical efficiency and can be Backward curved DWDI or Plug fan configuration
•Greater service space within the AHU is provided to allow access and cleaning as per AS3666 & BCA Part I and the service of valves and sensors
•Units are designed to be in accordance with the WW or Coles Specification
•Units are designed and manufactured in Australia to suit local conditions


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Repairs & Services

Here at Faircloth & Reynolds, we are the experts in all types of air conditioning including split systems and ducted installations. Our skilled air conditioning technicians are familiar with virtually all makes of air conditioner units. Whether you need air conditioning supply and installation, repairs, or maintenance, you don’t have to look any further than our expert team.

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